Benefits of physical activity

Getting in better shape is fun—but it can also lead to real, tangible improvements in your quality of life. Research clearly shows that following the physical activity guidelines will give you many fitness and health benefits. Explore some of the benefits you can expect in both your daily activities and your general health.


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If I fail to exercise my body, my mind goes to dark places. My heart and lungs really appreciate the exercise as well, and I just feel so much more alive when I stay active.”

— Josh Dueck


Benefits in daily activities

  • Better endurance for wheeling or walking longer distances
  • Easier transfers in and out of your wheelchair
  • Improvements in wheelchair skills and propulsion
  • Enhanced self-care and mobility
  • More energy and less fatigue
  • More social interaction opportunities
  • Improved ability to play with your kids
  • More time spent with family when activities are done together

Benefits for your health

  • Reduced cholesterol and fats in your blood, which can lower your risk of developing several serious chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease
  • Improved ability to regulate blood glucose, decreasing your risk for Type II diabetes
  • Improved mental health and lower risk of depression
  • Less pain and spasticity



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I choose to be physically active for many different reasons: to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and fit; to engage and participate with others; to collaborate and be part of a team environment; to challenge myself; to enjoy nature; to de-stress.”

— Sonja Gaudet



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I have a difficult time with mood, but getting outside and going for a bike ride, getting fresh air, feeling the wind, the sun, and getting my blood pumping, all make me feel incredible. It’s funny how hard it can be to get up and get out, but once you do, it feels so incredible!”

— Kristina Shelden

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