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Physical activity is vital for everyone, and people with SCI are no exception. Staying physically active enhances health for everyone. Being fit lowers the risk of serious disease, enhances quality of life, and extends our lifespans.
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Group fitness

For people with SCI, there are additional benefits of physical activity: it can reduce the impact of many secondary health complications such as spasticity and pain, help maximize your independence, and reduce the risk of life-threatening chronic diseases that are associated with SCI—for example, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. That’s why an international group of researchers, people living with SCI, clinicians, and representatives from SCI organizations have worked together to create these scientifically-developed physical activity guidelines. The goal is to support people with SCI in their quest for better health.

The physical activity guidelines explained

What’s the difference between the starting level and the advanced level of the guidelines? What does “aerobic activity of moderate to vigorous intensity” mean?

Find the answers to these and other questions

Benefits of physical activity

There are some amazing benefits of being active and fit.

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Physical activity examples

Swimming, wheeling, home-based exercise, organized sports like wheelchair basketball and tennis…and lots more.

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Tips to become more active

We know that many of you want to become more active, but you don’t know how.

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Your keys to success: goal setting, action planning, and monitoring

Research shows that people who set achievable goals, and create and follow an action plan based on those goals, are much more likely to succeed.

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Overcoming barriers

“I can’t be active because I don’t have time/it’s too expensive/it’s not accessible…” Do any of these sound familiar?

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Safety tips

Be active…but do it safely.

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Links to other resources

A list of links to other related resources, including a reference list, videos, contact information for SCI organizations in your location that can help you achieve your goals, and many more.

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